Anonymous said: Good luck losing weight while stuffing your face with pizza


Go sit in the corner, eat your salad and be sad.




Wingardium leviorca



muji spice book

Traveling with your spice rack is not ideal. This is why Japanese company, Muji, has made a book of spices to make flavoring your food while away from home a little bit easier.

This book from Muji is full of pages that are made of spiced paper, which dissolve from the heat and moisture of cooking. Now that kick of white pepper or red chili is just a tear away. And, since it is compact and perfectly portable, the Muji spice book is ideal for when you’re traveling!





oh god his vines are best



If you are reading this, you have survived your entire life up until this point.

You have survived traumas, heartbreak, devastation, the elements, different phases of life. And here you are.

You go, motherfucker. You’re awesome.


you know what’s funny is that i’ve always been more obsessed with female celebrities for some reason and i used to think that was bc i saw them as role models and wanted to emulate them or whatever

but it turns out i’m just really hella into girls

beautifullymade-souls said: if you could do anything to change the world, what would it be?


Eliminate nuclear weapons of all kinds all at once.

Just *poof* gone.

No more “Well you’ve got one so I want one and they have some so we don’t feel safe so we need some but we won’t use them except we’ll make sure that they can reach you if needed oh shit let’s pretend they have some so we can go invade their country and find out that they don’t have any and look like assholes because we have them all.”


2014 Peugeot Quartz concept